Verizon White Pages

The Verizon White Pages is a category part of the phonebook delivered every year by verizon. Until 2011 subscribers of the network would receive this book at their doorstep with the updated information on phone numbers, addresses, locations and contact details of businesses around the United States.

Verizon Communications had been born in the year of 1983 as a worldwide telecommunications company. The first name given was Bell Atlantic, later being changed to the name as everybody knows today. Headquarters in the starting years had their place in Philadelphia.

Some of the services included in the Verizon repertory are: voice communication and voicemail, various data plans, video FiOS service, directory operations and the Verizon VoiceWing which is a service that is under a partnership with Deltathree.

Starting 2011, due to environmental concerns and advances in computer technology, the Verizon White Pages delivery will be stopped. Customers can make a request if they still wish to receive the phonebook in print format.

Alternatives to a printed page full of information can be found online. If one wishes to find phone numbers for friends, family or even businesses, they can use websites such as or which have a much more up to date database including the latest modifications in schedules, addresses or simple contact numbers.

The Verizon White Pages still can be delivered to one’s doorstep, the end of the printed era still not being present, but going into a slow death. Some customers argue that having the yellow pages in printed shape has its benefits. Lack of an internet connection, practicality and power shortages are arguments that subscribers put into discussion, although year by year communications and power networks improve their stability in order to gain higher customer satisfaction.